Specialty Services

Binding Supplies:

Composition Covers
Clear Covers
Spiral Plastic Coil
Tape Binding
Laminating Pouches
Pocket Folders

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Some industries have special indexing requirements. Hospitals and the insurance industry use Fileback dividers, whereas the automotive industry uses dividers made from Poly. Captured Digital can meet these custom needs and MUCH more...

Let your imagination go WILD - odds are we can make tabs to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a unique shape to your tabs, if you have a special paper requirement, or if you have need for a unique size, make Captured Digital your single source for:

• Custom Binders

• Custom Tabs

• Legal Tabs

• Medical Tabs

• Easel Binders

• Padfolios

• Turn Edge Binders

• CD/DVD binders

• Disc sleeves

• Agenda

• Pocket Calendars

• Menu Covers

• Check Presenters for restaurants

• Notepad Holders

• Photo Holders

• Diploma Covers

• Lap Boards

• Checkbook Covers

• Badge Holders

• Dog and Horse Collars

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