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Laura Grimm Turitz and Bill GrimmFounded in 1989 by Bill Grimm, Captured Images started as most entrepreneurial ventures do, inside of a garage. The primary services were slide show presentations, film output, and general computer services. As technology evolved so did Captured. Today we offer state of the art digital printing and large format color output.

Laura Grimm Turitz joined her brother in 1993 adding her business and customer service skills to the Captured mix. Together both siblings have created a multi million dollar business with a focus on quality, service, and unparalleled products.

Indigo KINGJohn Chater is our pressman extraordinaire. Not only does his background in all forms of printing run deep, but this guy can fix anything. We like to call him the Captured MacGyver. Seriously, give this guy some string and belly button lint and he’s magic! But please don’t actually call him MacGyver, the last time that happened it wasn’t pretty.

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XL Guru

Andrew Geraets was just a wee-little-winkle when he joined Captured. We found him playing bass shirtless at some local mexican place. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn and keep his shirt ON in the office lead him to the esteemed position of XL KING. If it’s big he prints it! If it’s a Bass he ROCKS it!

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Workflow WunderkindKees vanGeest came to Captured from a country far far away. We like to think of him as the File Guru and King of Workflow. You may have noticed that over the years he has lost much of his hair, but we still love him, and we still laugh when people call up and try to pronounce his name, it never gets OLD. When all else fails just ask for the guy with the funny accent.

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